Quality Check Point


Where quality comes first

Our Company’s Advance management team along with well-trained Quality Assurance team ensures the best quality of products to meet the international standard.
The excellent team follows some standardized international rules. They are 7(seven) pcs system Needle detection report 9(nine)-point system, Quality check station point Light 1000 Lux value. Furthermore, the quality team creates various types of report for maintaining the best quality. They are using the Light box system report.
The process of the quality teams are:
►Preproduction meeting
►Trial Inspection
►Inline Process
►Pre-final process
►Final Process
The In-house quality team maintains the quality and inspection of the H&M’s product and finishes the final inspection.
We have also a STRONG QS/Quality team to ensure the work process of quality. That’s why we always maintain the best quality products for our customers.

Pattern test

Preproduction meeting

Trial Inspection

In line Process

Pre-final process

Final Process