Bangladesh’s ready-made garments industry is the nation’s number one export earner. Though the RMG industries in Bangladesh plays a significant role in economic contribution, it has a range of environmental problems like inefficient consumption of energy, Increasing GHG emission, maximization of Carbon footprints and Pollution of water resources of the country.
Spring Trade Ltd. is fully aware of protecting environment pollution. The company gives utmost attention to the environment. So, the company has taken some effective steps to reduce carbon footprints, energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation gradually. We are regularly tracking and recording energy and water data by setting a SMART target as we are determined to reduce these problems in the upcoming years. We have also included a well-established chemicals management system in our factory compound to control hazardous chemicals. Production wastewater is mainly polluted by various chemicals used in our washing unit and we have a well-managed Chemical ETP to treat the wastewater. Both legal and customer’s guidelines are being followed and monitored to create a sustainable environment.
We firmly believe that recycling and reusing of the resources will be an effective solution for protecting the environment. To reduce the total groundwater consumption, we will reuse the ETP outlet water after being treated. We have also engaged in various GHG reduction programs like ‘Tree Plantation’. To conserve electricity, we have already replaced T8 lights with the LED which may save energy up to 80%.
The well-trained and proficient Environmental responsible team of the company are discharging their effective governance in the area of Environmental & Chemical related requirements in upcoming environmental challenges. The director-compliance properly monitors and takes feedback of the entire environmental compliance functions.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Spring Trade Ltd. realizes its responsibility towards the society, human resource & environment to create environmental sustainability of all factories. Consequently, we have ensured conservation of resources by applying applicable national and international laws and regulations. We work towards:
► To comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
► To conserve natural resource through responsible management of energy and water use.
► To adopt cost-effective measures for the prevention of pollution from our processes.
► Motivating and preparing all employees to take personal accountability for protecting the environment.
► Planning, implementing and reviewing environmental objectives and target.

Our EMS Policy & Report Data