Spring Trade Ltd. are committed to maintain a Code of Conduct in its work places. Spring Trade Ltd. have sought to ensure that, all garments process are manufactured in very good working conditions with meaningful job and providing all customers with high quality of products. Our goal is to create and encourage the creation of model facilities. That not only provide good job at fair rates of pay, but also improve the workers’ health and safety environment, working hours etc. We must respect and comply with national and international laws and regulations.

SPRING TRADE LTD. is maintaining the following COC issues:

► Prohibition of Child Labor
► Prohibition of Forced labor
► No Discrimination
► Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
► Disciplinary Practices/ Harassment
► Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
► Welfare facilities
► Compensation & Benefits
► Working Hours
► Grievance procedure
► Environmental Protection

Prohibition of Forced Labor:

Spring Trade Ltd. believes in freedom of workers so we never force our workers to execute their work. We always consider our employees as an integral part of the company and we try to encourage the employees to give the best effort for the betterment of their company.

No Discrimination:

SPRING TRADE LTD. Pays and provides benefits to its workers and employees irrespective of race, creed, color, age, nationality, maternity or marital status. All are treated equally in our company.

Disciplinary Practices/ Harassment:

Any kind of harassment, abuse or corporal punishment is absolutely forbidden.

Compensation & Benefits:

Spring Trade Ltd. pays wage and allowances as per local laws. The company follows the legally approved grading wage structure for the employees. We always maintain minimum payment of Taka 5300/. We are committed to paying right amount of payment in due time. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the factory premises.

Grievance Procedure:

In each floor of this factory there is a box so that the workers can drop their valuable written suggestion or complain in the given boxes. And the company has a hotline number to complain immediately. The workers can also inform the higher authority verbally or by submitting their written documents. W.P.C members actively review the complaint issues. We believe that these processes will be helpful for the progression of our company.

Prohibition of Child Labor:

Spring Trade Ltd. maintains the law of working Spring Trade Ltd. respects and obeys the laws. So, we don’t recruit any individual under the age of 18. We store all employees’ age certificate, bio-data and employment contract.

OHS Management:

Spring Trade Ltd. treats all workers with respect and honor. Workers get a safe & secure environment as the company complies with all applicable laws, international and RMG industry standards. To build up a safe and healthy environment in factory premises, we have developed a well-trained safety team that is supervised by Mr Reazul Islam. By maintaining the provision of safe working condition, the company ensures that the workers are keeping the working place free from hazards and risks that may cause any type of physical harm.

Freedom of association:

Spring Trade Ltd. respects everyone’s freedom of own liking and disliking. The company never overlooks and harasses the workers.

Working Hours:

Spring Trade Ltd. maintains the law of working hour, strictly.
Production: 8 A.M To 5 P.M
Office: 8 A.M to 7 P.M
In every seven-day period, workers will get at least one day off and they have to work for 48 hours per week.


Spring Trade Ltd. meets all the applicable environmental laws. That’s why the company is able to maintain a better environment at the factory.