We have adopted latest communication technology

MIS plays an important role in a successful working environment in an organization. We always give the highest priority to our MIS related activities. We believe in technology that serves better communication because better communication leads to higher productivity. Computerization is a must in an organization to maintain proper communication. Spring Trade Ltd. has taken several important steps and developed a system that helps to maintain a proper process to complete all day-to-day activities without any interruption.

We have an IT department organized by well-skilled and expert IT members who manage the IT infrastructure and the full system for a smooth working environment. Our IT infrastructure includes –

Computer and Other Equipment: 50+ Computers, 10+ Laptops, Printers, Scanners, and other necessary equipment. We are also adding necessary modern technologies ti improve our MIS system.

Internet Connectivity: We have ensured 15 MB Full-duplex dedicated internet connectivity through fiber-optic connection for 24 hours uninterrupted internet connection.

Network Management: We have a well-managed and organized networking system connected through high-performing switches, wireless devices, and other network equipment.

Mikrotik Router:We use the latest Mikrotik router that manages the total bandwidth and proper bandwidth distribution to the end-user. Our experts manage this router to maintain uninterrupted network connectivity in the office premise.

File Server: We are using a Centralized File Server that provides seamless access to the files to all users. This FIle Server is using Windows-2019 Server OS properly configured with a data-backup solution to the cloud server.

Email Solution: We are using a Linux US Based Dedicated Server for our email solutions. We have multiple dedicated IPs with a customized Control Panel that serves us uninterrupted 24×7 email services.

Website: We have a separate RAID-10 SSD Web Hosting Server for our website with all modern hosting facilities that ensure a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Our system engineers of the IT department work hard and smart to ensure uninterrupted services that lead to higher productivity. If you need to know future information please contact us.